• A Short Film

    Black Girls & Fairytales


    A rent-a-princess gets the chance of a lifetime to be an actual princess, but her ingrained colorism and insecurities hold her back from her crown.

  • Thank you!

    It's been 4 years...

    We couldn't have brought this film to life without an incredible village behind it. A massive thank you goes to our amazing producing partners: Sherlot Avenue, Studio Vosages, and Pineapplecut Pictures. Your belief in this project fueled our journey.


    We're also eternally grateful to our esteemed executive producers, Kiara, Celeste, Ebony, Sheila, Michael, and Ava. Your guidance and support were invaluable.


    Of course, a film is nothing without the heart and soul poured into it by the cast and crew. To each and every one of you, you have our deepest gratitude.


    Finally, a monumental thank you to the over 250 incredible donors who made this film possible. We see you, we hear you, and we couldn't have done it without you.