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    Khaliah Daniels - Princess Danesha

    Khaliah is an incredibly talented singer, songwriter, and performer based in Atlanta, GA. Her hit song "Baddie Thing" has taken the music scene by storm and she's just getting started. With over a decade of experience on stage, having started at the young age of 6, Khaliah is confident in her abilities and eager to share her unique artistry with the world.

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    Kaypri Marcus - Diana (Mother)

    Kaypri is the founder of Priscilla Belle Productions and a veteran creative multi-hyphenate who has worked extensively in the theater and film space in NYC and Hollywood since graduating from Howard University with a BFA in Drama. She has received recognition for her writing from Sundance, Stowe, New Humanitas and The Script Lab for The Babygirl Show, her play turned TV pilot which was chosen from nearly 12,000 free submissions and remains on Coverfly's Red List. She has also received recognition for her caregiver-themed PSA The Baton which led to coverage in the Wall Street Journal.

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    Sydni Perry - Chamermaid (Fairy Godmother)

    Sydni Michelle Perry is a multi-talented actress, writer, director, and creative artist whose passion for the performing arts has been unwavering since childhood.

    From a young age, Sydni aspired to be a "singer, dancer, and famous movie star around the world." In 2019, she took a dedicated step toward realizing that dream. Sydni's journey led her to Agnes Scott College, where she graduated early with a Bachelor's in English-Creative Writing and minors in Music and Theatre. Here, she nurtured her love for words, music, and performance while also shining on the soccer field as a right-back and serving as the team captain.

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    Celeste Campbell - Court Phyisican (Fairy Godmother)

    Celeste Campbell is an Atlanta-based actor who began her career in theatre before embracing film and TV. Enjoying roles as varied as Lena Younger in "Raisin in the Sun" (for which she won a Metropolitan Area Theater Award!) to her more recent role as the abused but resilient wife of a drug lord, Celeste welcomes the challenge of giving voice to those often overlooked. With a 30-year career as a psychologist, Celeste brings a deep understanding of the joy and drama of life to each character.

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    Tatyana Arrington - Gabrielle

    Tatyana Arrington is a highly accomplished freelance entertainment reporter and influential figure in the world of social media. With a passion for all things entertainment, Tatyana's career as an influencer took off and she quickly became recognized by global brands for her engaging content and authentic voice.


    In 2019, Tatyana embarked on a new venture as a digital host professional, adding another dimension to her already impressive repertoire. This venture allowed her to cover press events for prestigious companies and organizations. Her ability to connect with audiences and deliver engaging content has made her a standout in the field.